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Image by 🧔 Michal Kmeť

On his first mission, The Emissary followed his heart to Northern Italy in search of the perfect prosecco.

His first stop was Venice, capital of Veneto, the most fitting place to begin such a search. He wandered bridges and narrow, cobblestone streets, getting to know the tiny hidden wine bars frequented by the locals.


From these historic streets, he headed further up through the rolling valleys of Treviso, passing ancient churches, cathedrals and castles in his path. He found himself at the foot of the Dolomite Mountains.


The Journey


Here, amidst the green glera vines that blanket the landscape, he stumbled upon a third-generation, family-owned vineyard near the village of Cornuda. 


When The Emissary tasted the wine, he knew that he had found what he was seeking: a truly unforgettable prosecco.

Dan Fry - Prosecco Grapes - Sunset - Ori


From The Founder

After weeks of travelling across Northern Italy, I knew I had found the perfect prosecco to bring back home to London and share with you all.

It’s my vision to continue searching for exceptional drinks across the world, and crafting new, distinctive variations of The Emissary.


I hope you enjoy my first discoveries.

Ed Smith,

The Emissary

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