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The Emissary DOCG

The Emissary Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut

Made from only the finest selection of grapes grown in the ‘DOCG Asolo’ region (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin). Elegant, rich and complex with extra fine, velvety bubbles. Prosecco made for celebrating. 

Terroir and Climate


DOCG prosecco is grown in two regions, one of which is the area surrounding the medieval, UNESCO town of Asolo. 


This area is known as the "DOCG Colli Asolani" or "DOCG Asolo" prosecco region, and is  famous for its perfect wine-making microclimate. The soil composition is rich and quick-draining, with large percentages of clay, resulting in a full bodied, very elegant spumante. 

Harvest and Winemaking

In mid September, the finest Glera grapes from the Asolo region are selected by skilled, third-generation wine-makers. This region produces smaller yields to ensure the utmost quality.


Planted on the hill of the Cornuda estate in 1948, is the oldest section of the vineyard. This area is dedicated to  growing local varieties and ancient clones. Small quantities of these grapes are then blended with the Glera, to enrich this particular DOCG Prosecco with surprising fruity flavours.


After the harvest, the grapes are gently pressed and go through primary fermentation to produce a still wine. The wine gains its bubbles during the secondary fermentation process of the Charmat method.

Tasting Notes

Pale straw-yellow prosecco with tiny, refined bubbles. The bouquet is rich with fruity and floral notes. Vibrant, zesty acidity and a subtle hint of sweetness balance gracefully on the palate. Round, gentle finish with lingering notes of fresh fruit.



Grape variety: 85% Glera 15% Chardonnay 

Alcohol: 11% vol

Residual sugar: 8 g/l (Brut)

Total acidity: 6%

Dry extract: 18% 

Pressure: 4,5 bar

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